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Recommended Fan Sites

Manchester United
As this is one of the biggest clubs in the world there is no shortage of fan sites. Rednews was founded in 1987 and is an online version of the printed magazine available on match days. It is written by red supporters but is independent of the club. They offer views on current news about the team, gossip and match reports. It is clearly laid out and easy to navigate. They can be found at

Chelsea FC
There are many fan sites to choose from if you are Chelsea fan. Talk Chelsea is one of the best. It is easy to find your way around with sections on news, squad information and a forum. It provides an archive and previews fixtures. You do have to register to gain access to some areas. It can be found at

Liverpool FC
Established in 2001 This is Anfield is a well known website. It is clearly run by passionate and knowledgeable fans. There is extensive information about the club and a wide range of views are expressed. A refreshing addition is links to other Liverpool FC fan sites. Plenty of visual material to look at. Take a look at

FC Barcelona
Barca Blaugranes is a fan site run by the much larger SB nation company. It has a good range of stories and video content. It easy to click the wrong section and wander off into the support site for another team or even sport. as with other sites fans have the ability to become involved by submitting fan shots and content. I found few other sites that had a good range of content. The address is

Real Madrid
This Real Madrid fan site has been running since the year 2000. The author is based in Denmark. It has a busy front page with a great deal of content. It has all the information you could want about the club. As with other sites you have to register to gain access to some areas of the site. It does lack photo and video content but the authors are clearly knowledgeable about the club. Once again the competition seemed to be small sites run by individuals. See more at

AC Milan
This blog has been up and running since 2009. It has quite a busy front page but does include lots of information. They encourage fans to write articles for the site so a wide range of views are expressed. There is a decent selection of video clips for fans to see goals that they may have missed. It is also possible to take part in polls on topical issues. This blog can be found at

For Juventus I have chosen the official club website. The others reviewed were either undergoing reconstruction or were simply not of the same calibre as those suggested for other clubs. You have all the usual fan site material here, particularly strong on photos and videos. You also have the advantage of being able to book tickets on this site. It may lack the independence of other fan sites but judge for yourself at

This is a London based fan club set up in 2009. The site is written in English and Italian. It has lots of information, artwork and video clips of Napoli heroes. It also has links to other Napoli fan clubs around the world. This site is different to the ones listed above. There is less squad information and more about the fans, where they meet, where they can watch games together. It will give a good view of what it is like to support Napoli but you might want a site with more information. It is very video based. Find it at

Inter Milan
This is the first fan site that I have seen which has a section where fans can post photos of their tattoos. All the other usual fan site favourites are also here. Lots of video footage and a gallery of legends. It has a page with links to other Inter Milan sites. The site also includes a fantasy football league. Clearly a site with some interesting ideas. See it at

Bayern Munich
Once again for the final fan site I have gone for the official website. It is for the same reason as before. The other sites available simply did not offer everything that a fan would require. This site has been running since the year 2000. It has lots of video content. It does have a lot of sales content such as subscriptions to the TV channel and a range of Apps featuring club information. Once again those independent fan voices may be missing that are found on other sites. Despite its web address this site is in English.

Glasgow Celtic
Celtic as they are known have a fine tradition in European football. Celtic mad is the website for Celtic fans. It belongs to a bigger group of websites but it does reflect the passion of Celtic fans. Together with news and articles you will also find forums and fantasy football opportunities. Visitors may also take part in polls. Something not seen on other sites is the, “footymad WAGS” to be found in the special section. You can find the WAGS and all the other content at

Olympic Marseilles
This is the official English website for the club. It has all the usual content plus the obligatory marketing. It is competent but has no features that match tattoos or WAGs. The layout is straight forward and easy to navigate. You can find it at

Paris Saint Germain
One again I have opted for the official website because of the lack of a credible independent alternative. If you accept that there will be plenty of marketing it is worth sticking with this site because they do have lots of good information about the club and it’s teams. It also has the option of being able to buy tickets. Find it at

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